AAF Arrives at California State University, San Bernardino

    California State University, San Bernardino is proud to announce the creation of an AAF chapter within its campus! Although long overdue, the American Advertising Federation has now branched off into CSUSB and gained recognition. With such organizations as PRSSA and AMA holding a standing within the university, the incorporation of the AAF will not doubt bode well all those within the college of Business and Public Admin., Comm. Studies, and Arts and Letters. 

    Those responsible for the creation of the chapter lie with the club’s current President, Mario E. Perez, and founding member Torilynn Qualls. While Mario studied Marketing and Torilynn Graphic Design, they each jumped on the opportunity to pioneer the AAF chapter to its now 13 founding members. Both students remained part of the team that is Coyote Advertising, CSUSB’s most prestigious advertising agency that won Bronze and Silver awards during the ADDY’s on March 17, 2017. While under the employ of Jacob Poore, the club’s advisor and AAF Inland Empire secretary, the aspiring students found the tools needed to help the chapter grow.

    “To establish and academic extension of the American Advertising Federation to the California State University, San Bernardino campus.” This direct quote comes from the chapter’s very own constitution and aims to focus its efforts in the following areas: Experience within the field of advertising, real world project implementation, mentorship, and networking. By having a synergistic relationship with Coyote Advertising, the AAF chapter at CSUSB will do much to not only expand upon its membership, but its participation within AAF national within its regional competitions and events. 

    For more information in regards to the CSUSB chapter please feel free to contact its current President, Mario E. Perez at


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