Member of the Month


    Member Highlight: Arbazz Mohammed

    Arbazz Mohammed is a Creative Director and an expert in Public Relations and Marketing with over 10 years of experience in bridging the knowledge and creativity gap in the nonprofit and small business sector. Being a fan of the classical thought Arbazz is infusing new creativity into marketing, strategy and the world of ideas.

    Arbazz began his work in marketing at a very young age developing websites and managing content he has grown to become an expert in digital marketing world. Through his personal reflection and inspiration found in the Autobiography of Malcolm X Arbazz committed himself to creative mastery to make the world a better place. At the early age of 17, Arbazz developed his first brand from scratch when he co – founded Sahaba Initiative, a community organization and charity based in San Bernardino which he has won numerous awards for excellence in brand development and efforts in fostering better community relations.

    Outside of his Marketing and PR work Arbazz is committed to meaningful social change through community building at a grassroots level and contributes through media and education. Arbazz is an advocate for many causes which include interfaith dialogue, mental health, environmental justice, education reform and community building


    Past Members of the Month:

    September: Syd Church
    October: Bruce Wood, Publisher for Champion Newspaper
    November: Jemelle Ambrose, CEO & Owner of JP Ambose Communications
    December: Faeda Elliott, Owner & Designer or Insquired

    January: Stephanie Harvey, Marketing Manager at Economic Development for the City of Riverside
    February: N/A
    March: Leslie Fountain, Media Specalists at First 5 San Bernardino.
    April: N/A
    May: Cody Theilman, Owner, and Jayson Watson, Director of Music at Reelax Photography.
    June: Greg Zerovnik (BFA, EMBA, & PhD) Interim Director, Marketing and Public Relations at San Bernardino Valley College.
    July: N/A
    August: N/A
    September: N/A
    October: N/A
    November: Trevor Glaudin, Genius Musician and Recent Graduate from CSUSB with BA in Commercial Music
    December: Victoria Seitz, Chair of the Marketing Department at CSUSB.

    January: Theresa Jennings, 2007 AAF-IE President
    February: Theresa Jennings, 2007 AAF-IE President
    June: Carroll Eristhee, The Branding Hive

    September: Mario Migliore, Charter Spectrum

    December: Amanda Johnson, Arside Marketing



    March: Bobbi Albano, Barnett Real Estate

    April: Jacob Poore, CSUSB